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Booking and purchase of entrance tickets to cultural events, theaters, music and dance concerts. 



Shanghai has been always at the intersection of all kinds of transactions and exchanges, cultural, financial, economic, etc. Nowadays, Shanghai is still the unavoidable crossroad for peoples, cultures, ideas and merchandises coming in or leaving out to and from all the directions. It is the principal entrance gate into China and its economic and financial capital. Shanghai is maybe the most prosperous metropole city in China mainland and is with Hong Kong at the top edge of development in China and Asia.

Shanghai Tourism Festival is the oldest of its kind and attracts yearly a huge number of people from China and abroad. Besides the Opening Ceremony and Marching Parade of Shanghai Tourism Festival, one can visit many places and sites worthy of a detour, such as: the Yuyuan Garden, the unique Jade Buddha Temple, the Jing´an Temple, the Cultural Street, the Bar and restaurant Streets. If you prefer the sensations of high places, you can climb one after the other China´s 4 tallest towers: the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Jin Mao Tower, the World Financial Center Tower and the newest and highest of all, the Shanghai Tower. The night life is also busy in Shanghai: you may take a Night Cruise on the Huang Pu River and admire the night lights of the Pudong high buildings and towers. Or, if you are adept of the strong sensations, you can buy a ticket to the Shanghai Acrobatic Show. What you see here, you will not see anywhere else.


What the Westerns call Peking is in fact, according to its Chinese correct name, Beijing. Bei means north and Jing, capital. Beijing is therefore, the Northern Capital. Today, Beijing is the Capital City of China and the center of the Chinese political power. Beijing is also famous of its endless list of attractions, historical and touristic spots and must-see sites and places. To mention just a few of them: the Forbidden City, known, nowadays as the Imperial Palace Museum, the Temple of Heaven, the Lama Temple, the Temple of Earth, The Tiananmen Square and Chairman Mao Mausoleum, the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, the Hutongs or Beijing´s ancient living houses and quarters, the millenary Niujie Mosque or the oldest church in Beijing, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, built originally in 1605. Furthermore, you cannot miss the Liulichang Cultural District in the down-town. Or maybe you prefer to start by such must-see places as the Imperial Summer Palace, the Beijing Zoo with its Panda community, the Ming Tombs, or maybe you want to become a Hero! Then you certainly have heard what Chairman Mao said “You are not a hero until you climb the Great Wall”. Once a Hero, you have to experience the essences of Beijing: Beijing Opera and Beijing Duck in duck specialized restaurant, etc. And, you will yet have to go again and again back to Beijing to see more of Beijing´s most recent wonders as the Bird Nest, built especially for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Water Cube, the National Grand Theater, and to try the most recent miracle of Beijing represented in its new underground network etc.


Luoyang is with Beijing, Nanjing and Xi´an one of the four major or great historical capitals of ancient China. Its name derives from “Luo” by reference to the Luo River, which flows from west to east and “Yang”, whose one of the meanings is sun. That is to mean the sunny side of Luo River, since the city is located at the north and sunny side of the river.

Like its neighbor Xi´an, Luoyang served in different periods as a capital city for up to 13 dynasties over a total of 1 500 years. Luoyang is located at the crossroad between Henan Province´s capital Zhengzhou to the east and Xian to the west. Luoyang has a population of over six and a half Million and is getting more and more importance as a prefecture-level Metropolis in Henan province.

Rich of its long History legacy, Luoyang is proud of its cultural heritage and attracts tourists from China and abroad. Like Xian, Luoyang has an innumerable historical sites and attractions to offer to its visitors. At the top of them is the Longmen Grottoes, located at the south outskirts of the city, the Shaolin Temple, one of the cradles of the martial arts. Also outside Luoyang a must-see is without doubt the Longtan Valley or the Dragon Lake Valley. Backing to the downtown you cannot miss the must-see site, the White Horse Temple. In the downtown, you have yet to pay a visit to the Guanlin Temple, the Luoyang Museum, the Emperor Carriage Museum, the Peony Garden, etc.

Luoyang has also its notorious festivals, and, in particular, two of them attract tourists worldwide. The peony is the national flower of Luoyang and has its own garden and park, but it has also its own International Peony Festival, held each year in April-May. The second major festival in Luoyang is Luoyang Heluo Culture Tourism Festival, held yearly in September.


Xi´an is the provincial capital of Shaanxi Province in central northwest China. “Xi” means in Chinese western and “an”, peace, the “Western Peace”. Xi´an served as a capital city for more than 1 000 years and 13 Chinese different dynasties, among which, the Western Zhou, the Eastern Han, Sui and, particularly, Tang. Xi´an was called in ancient times Chang´an, the Perpetual or Eternal Peace City. It is commonly considered as the starting point of the Silk Road and its eastern ending point. Xi´an is the home for one of the major historical attraction in China, the Imperial Terracotta Army Museum.

Xi´an was also one of the four major historical capitals of China in ancient times. Many tend to think that China started from Xi´an. Today´s Xi´an is a middle size Chinese city when considered its population, but is regaining a leading position as center of the development, especially, in central northwest China. Because of its extremely rich historical heritage, Xi´an is also regaining more and more popularity as a favorite destination for tourists from allover the world.

Xi´an is the site of a countless number of attractions and historical sites as the Big and Small Wild Goose Pagodas, the Ancient City Wall, the Drum and Bell Towers, the Great Mosque and the Muslim Quarter, the Famen Temple, the Shaanxi History Museum, Xian Museum, etc.

At the outskirts of Xi´an, you marvel at the must-see sites of Xi´an, the Terra Cotta Army Museum, the Huaqing Hot Springs and the Huashan Mountain. Back to the downtown by evening, you cannot miss the Tang Dynasty Show at the Tang Dynasty Palace, perpetuating the magnificent cultural heritage of the glorious Tang Dynasty.

Xi´an displays its rich and glorious cultural heritage to its visitors yearly at Xi´an Silk Road International Art Festival, held in September. Besides dance, music, street performances, etc. one can taste Xi´an traditional flavors, dumplings and local snacks and admire the long tradition of handcraft and art works.