When you decide to conquer the world with your new product, service, art or performance, you can be sure to get from us the appropriate means to do it. We study, investigate and analyze the market on your behalf and create with you the most efficient promotion, operating and marketing strategy, especially tailor-made for your own particular needs and adapted to the market you want to enter. Furthermore, you get from us the necessary guidance and consultancy until you stand by yourself at your target market. If you are looking for new performing horizons or opportunities or planning to export your artistic or cultural performance, activity or product, we guide you through, step by step until you reach your goal. 


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No matter whether your business is a product, a new technology, an innovative method or solution to a societal matter, we aim at boosting and developing innovation and creativity in Business and trade exchanges.

If you are planning to expand your business to new international markets or to start a global business, we can help you find the appropriate paths and market strategies to foster your business.

If you plan to export your business, we study on your behalf the market, we provide you with the appropriate consultancy and backup your business until your business finds its way through to your new destination market.

We participate through our partner groups and artists in artistic and cultural tourism related events and festivals held yearly in Shanghai, Xi´an Luoyang, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, etc. Contact us for further information.

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No matter what your business is, we help you find the most adequate paths, channels and forums, where you can advertise, market and sell your business to the local consumer or public. Via our local network of partners and cooperators we guide you through the whole system until you settle at your new market. 

When you need local partners in order to carry out your business, we find them for you and link you together. We ease your contacts with the local authorities and provide you with the necessary back-up to get through the administrative procedures and settle onto your target market.

In case you intend to relocate your business, we help you find the appropriate premises, we guide you through the administrative processes and find out the funding opportunities provided by the destination country. All you need is to focus on your main business


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When you plan your entry onto a new International Market, in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Middle-East, we provide you with our international promotion tools, tailor-made to meet your needs and the expertise of our partner  Network. 

If you aim at planning a marketing strategy or campaign for your event – no matter whether it is cultural, artistic, commercial or conventional - we believe we can help you make your event successful.

We aim at providing tailor-made media solutions, including target market research, communication planning and managing. Based on your special needs, we plan with you and follow up the most appropriate and cost-effective market entry strategy. 

When you plan a multilingual promotion campaign  to multi-cultural communities, consumers or audiences, we offer you our expertise and strong experience in matter of multicultural promotion and marketing communication.