You are a performing group, event manager, promotion agency or, simply, a single performer or artist looking for performing opportunities or horizons in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Middle East. Or maybe, you desire to explore a new international market in order to expand your cultural production, performance or art. We make our solid experience available for you to reach your goal. Besides cultural tourism and travel actors and agents, we cooperate particularly with dance and music artists, groups as well as management and promotion agencies. Our reliable local network of partners and experts enables us to offer you a wide range of high quality professional services in many activity areas.


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We foster particularly Finnish, Nordic and European performing groups, performers and artists abroad and provide them with performing opportunities, touring services and contacts, mainly, in Asia, Africa and the Middle-East.

We promote Finnish, Nordic and European arts, cultures, top designs and innovations, particularly, in Asia, Africa and the Middle- East.

Whenever you need foreign performers or artists for your cultural event, festival or convention, we would be more than happy to introduce you our partner groups, performers and artists.

Furthermore, we promote professional and student mobility as well as vocational and linguistic training exchanges between educational, artistic and cultural institutions, universities, high schools, NGOs and organizations.

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We aim to develop and promote much more interaction and exchanges in the fields of Culture, Arts and Education all over the world, because we simply believe that encountering between peoples and cultures dispels their prejudices towards each other 

We promote and manage cultural and artistic events, festivals and carnivals as well as fairs, conferences and get-together events. Join the Network and stay updated of the performing opportunities. 

Join us and become our partner to host and to be hosted. Send us your artistic profile portfolio and become our partner. Tell us about your art and let us tell you about the available opportunities.