Dintravel is Helsinki, Finland based authorized Travel Agent and Tour Operator. It belongs to Diversity International Network (DIN), a consulting company, created in 2005 and from which also derives the name DIN+travel. DIN (Diversity International Network) summarizes the whole idea of Dintravel: we aim at a maximum of Diversity in all our activities. International is the key thread in our business and we believe into the power and synergy of Networking.

Dintravel operates mainly in Europe, Asia, the Middle-East and Africa. Since its creation, Dintravel has focused on Cultural Tourism and Travel. Nowadays, we intend to expand our services to include also Culture, Art, Business and Trade managing and consulting, as well as Promotion and Media Solutions. We promote tourism and business. We connect peoples and cultures. We foster services, products and activities


We aim at becoming the reliable leading expert company within the Nordic Countries in terms of high quality services provided in Cultural Tourism, International Business, as well as in Art, Culture and Media Promotion. 


  • To provide our partners with professional and high quality consultancy, support and promotion services, whenever they plan to expand or to internationalize their businesses.
  • To foster and develop environment-friendly, sustainable and responsible Cultural Tourism and Travel Industry as well as Innovative Business, based on equity and fairness
  • To promote international interaction and exchanges between cultures and peoples in order to dispel prejudices and enable better mutual understanding and more equal world.


  • We aim at promoting cultural tourism, art and business exchanges, but in a responsible, sustainable and equitable way.
  • Wherever we operate, we are fully committed to protect the environment, the local cultures and the rights of indigenous and minorities


Dintravel cooperates with:  

  • Performing groups mainly in the Nordic countries and Europe but also in Africa and Asia
  • Performers and artists worldwide 
  • Travel agencies, travel agents and tour operators mainly in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle-East 
  • Air, shipment and transport companies  
  • Tourism and travel organizations 
  • Cities┬┤ tourism and culture administrations 
  • Tourism and travel industry┬┤s organizations and institutions 
  • Freelance tour guides
  • Tourism and travel bloggers 
  • Lifestyle and fashion bloggers