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No matter whether you are a company, a community, a performing group or a single artist, your activity´s success is our business. Besides Europe, we operate mainly in Asia, Africa and the Middle-East. If you are planning to expand your activity to new international markets or to start a global business, we can help you find the appropriate paths to foster your business. Our tools are made of high quality standards, an outstanding expertise of the target markets and, overall, an experienced and committed local network. Our know-how of the local business cultures and cultural sensitivities enables us to provide you with the most effective operating strategy until you take possession of your new markets. Wherever we operate, we are totally committed to protect the environment, to respect the local and minority cultures, as well as to foster fair, sustainable and responsible development.


We promote sustainable, responsible and equitable Cultural Tourism and Travel.

Cultural Tourism is our core business. As responsible Tour Operator & Travel Agent, we promote and develop environment-friendly, fair and sustainable tourism and travel. Besides Europe, we operate in Asia, Africa and the Middle-East. 


We foster Culture and Arts, just as well events, artists and performers. 

We aim to develop and promote interaction and exchanges in the field of Culture and Arts all over the world, because we simply believe that encountering between peoples, cultures and arts dispels their prejudices towards each other and promote mutual understanding.


We boost Business exchanges & provide innovative solutions 
in Media and Communication. 

No matter whether your business is a product or an innovative method to a societal matter, we aim at developing creative Business exchanges and providing tailor-made multilingual solutions in media and communication. 



Since the early 2000, Dintravel has regularly sent performing groups to participate in Shanghai Tourism Festival, Luoyang Culture Tourism Festival and Beijing International Tourism Festival. Nowadays, in addition to China, we are extending our festival cooperation to include similar festivals in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. Let your group be part of one or more of these great international events. Contact us for further information and request our platform for cooperation

Shanghai Tourism Festival

Luoyang Culture Tourism Festival 

Shanghai Tourism Festival is one of our focal international events. It is held yearly around the middle of September, which is the season of one of the most important festivals allover Asia, the Mid-autumn or Moon Festival.

Shanghai Tourism Festival lasts around one month. It attracts a lot of people not only from inside China, but also from overseas. It includes a huge number of cultural, artistic and touristic events and is a superb occasion for Shanghaies and tourists from around the Globe to meet and share in perfect communion, friendship, joy and happiness.

Luoyang Heluo Culture Tourism Festival was launched the first time in 2003 and, since then, it is held every year during the second half of September, following Shanghai Tourism Festival. 

Besides promoting the local cultures and Luoyang´s notorious ancient historical heritage, Luoyang Heluo Cultural Tourism Festival aims to open-up to the World by featuring as well cultural as folk-custom, arts and tourism related high-profile activities. The Festival attracts audiences and performers from all walks of life from China as from overseas.

Beijing International Tourism Festival

Xi´an Silk Road International Art Festival 

Beijing is home of an infinite number of famous historical sites and touristic attractions as the Forbidden City, nowadays known as the Imperial Palace Museum, the Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace and , of course, the Great Wall. 

Beijing has also its own festival. Beijing International Tourism Festival, launched in 1998, is a large-scale cultural event. Since then, it has been successfully held every year around the second half of September and is considered as one of the most notorious cultural tourism festivals in China. 

Xi´an was the capital city of more than 10 Chinese Tang dynasties (AD 618-907) and is considered as the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. Rich of its ancient historical heritage, Xi´an is still at the intersection between the East and the West. In 2104, the Silk Road culture started to revive following the initiative launched by the Chinese President Xi Jinping “One belt one road”. To implement the President´s initiative, Xi´an Silk Road International Art Festival was launched in 2014. The festival aims at fostering cultural exchanges along the Silk Road. Nowadays, more than 100 countries and regions participate in the Festival, which includes performances, art exhibitions, cultural forums and road shows.

View below videos from the previous festivals

View below Shanghai Tourism Festival 2017 Opening Ceremony

View below Luoyang Culture Tourism Festival 2016  Opening Ceremony

View below Beijing International Tourism Festival 2016 Opening Ceremony 

View below Xi´an Silk Road International Art Festival 2016 

Shanghai Tourism Festival will be held next time in September, 13-18, 2019 . Contact us to know more about the participation formalities.

Luoyang Cultural Tourism Festival will be held next time during the second half of September, 2019.  Contact us to know more about the participation formalities.

Beijing International Tourism Festival will be held next time by the fourth week of September 2019. Contact us for the participation formalities.  

Xi´an Silk Road International Festival is usually held during the month of September. Contact us for the participation formalities.  

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